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NCB Research Advisors

The NCB Research Centre carries out lots of different research and evaluation projects about, and with, children and young people. We produce reports and publications, including some written with young people, and provide advice and support on how to involve children and young people in research.


To help us with our work, we have the Young NCB Research Advisors, a group of young people aged 10-17 from all over England. They have been involved in various projects including co-producing the conference 'Beyond Tokenism' which looked at involving young people in research, and assisting in various health related research projects connected to the Children's Policy Research Unit.





The group have been asked to contribute their views on a variety of topics and issues such as what are acceptable levels of smoking and drinking?, what are different types of bullying that are experienced in a school environment?, how can businesses support young people? 

You can find out what this group has been doing by reading the newsletters below or viewing the film on the NCB YouTube channel. Their video explains the role they play and how they help the NCB Research Centre to see research subjects from a young person's perspective.



The Young Research Advisors group is featured on our Gallery page too... take a look!

Read their latest newsletters:

Energy Bill Revolution Campaign


Five Young NCB members have learnt how to speak to the media as spokespeople for a campaign which NCB is supporting. They also had the chance to put their new skills into practise on camera!

The campaign is the Energy Bill Revolution, which asks government to reinvest the money it receives from carbon taxes to make our homes super energy-efficient. This will push down fuel bills, make houses warmer, cut wasted energy and help to reduce our carbon emissions.

Currently one in four households has to spend over 10% of their income to keep their homes warm – this means they are living in fuel poverty. Over one million families with children under 16 are struggling to pay their fuel bills. These children are more likely to suffer from illnesses like asthma, have mental health problems and have to take time off school.


You can sign the petition to help end fuel poverty at www.energybillrevolution.org and you can watch a video of the fabulous five talking about the campaign... Please see the NCB YouTube channel here to find out what it's all about.


“I joined the Energy Bill Revolution campaign because I wanted to make a difference and I believe no-one should live in fuel poverty – especially in a rich country like Britain.” Kiran, 14

“What prompted me to get behind the Energy Bill Revolution campaign is when I heard that children are living in cold and damps environments and are catching illnesses and diseases which are making them have time off school.” Mariyam, 12

Get Money Savvy



Get Money Savvy is a campaign that was launched the end of the My Money Project in September 2011 (see below). This campaign aims to get quality personal finance education taught in every school.

There are 12 Young NCB members who are part of the Get Money Savvy Campaign Group who first met in December 2011.



They have created a campaign toolkit called Your Money, Your Future so that children and young people can campaign for quality personal finance education in their own schools.



Download Your Money, Your Future here [awaiting]

Sign the Get Money Savvy petition here











‘Like’ the Get Money Savvy Facebook page here which will give you loads of tips on managing your money, how to save and the great discounts you can get in shops and restaurants.

Download Minted here! – your guide to managing your money.





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