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Young NCB members have been 'talking health'

Filmed by Dust and Scratches, an independent film production company, children and young people talk about what helps them to stay healthy, their own experiences of using health services and make suggestions about what the Government could do to help them live healthier lives.

Showcased at the Children and Young People's Health Outcomes Forum summit in September 2013, the film was made over the summer with support from organisations such as Young NCB, Challengers and the Race Equality Foundation. After spending time on participatory activities to shape their thoughts, the children and young people all stepped in front of camera with real confidence and shared their views and opinions; some even got the chance to act as sound and camera crew.


Young people have been talking about Money!

Young NCB give their views on money matters and talk frankly about why financial security is important in their lives.


Energy Bill revolution - young people have their say

The Energy Bill Revolution Campaign is asking government to use carbon taxes to make UK homes super energy-efficient. Currently 1 in 4 UK homes live in fuel poverty where 10% or more of household income is spent on fuel bills. What is often overlooked is that this issue affects young people too.

For more information visit the campaign website:


Get Money Savvy

Teenagers talk about the importance of understanding your personal finances and how this should be taught in school.

The video was made as part ot the 'Get Money Savvy' campaign, and features My Money Young Advisors from Young NCB.

For more information visit the 'Get Money Savvy' Facebook page and sign our petition:!/pages/Get-Money-Savvy-petition/228388490542096


Challenging Representations

The Advisory Group made a video to challenge the negative stereotypes of children and young people in the media - you can find out more about their 2009-11 priority areas of work here


Get On Board Voices

Lily and Grace amongst other Young NCB members have been involved in NCB’s work on transport including corresponding with local MPs and councillors, campaigning on bus cuts You can view our videos here.


Young Research Advisors 

NCB's Young Research Advisors contribute their views on various research topics. They have made a video to explain the role they play and how they help the NCB Research Centre to see research subjects from a young person's perspective.